Applicability of Transformative Learning Theory in E-Health Teaching


Marasinghe. R, Edirippulige S. Applicability of Transformative Learning Theory in E-Health Teaching. In: Transformative Learning and Online Education: Aesthetics, Dimensions and Concepts. . IGI Global; 2010. pp. 374-385.


The use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in health/medical practices is widely known as e-Health. Evidence suggests that the use of e-Health offers new opportunities for effective clinical practices, time and cost savings for patients, doctors and health services. However, the lack of appropriate education and training opportunities is considered to be a main barrier to provide necessary knowledge and skills in e-Health. Practice of e-Health demands rethink of the existing frames of reference and the adoption of new frames of reference in health and medical practice. Resistance to such change is an obvious challenge. Carefully designed education programs are the key to address this challenge. This chapter shares the experience of adopting key tenets of transformative learning theory in designing, developing and delivering e-Health teaching at the University of Queensland Centre for Online Health in Australia.

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