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With the advent of mobile technology, integrating an open-source secure mobile learning environment, coupled with a short message service, into a learning management system (LMS) has been a challenging task in mobile learning platforms during the past few years. Although there are number of services available over the web that facilitates sending secure messages via an LMS, they are often paid services that account for restricted number of messages. In this paper, we propose a secure open-source mobile-based system that can beeasily integrated into the Moodle LMS. Initially, a database is integrated into the Moodle that holds usernames, passwords and enrolment keys for the courses. Authenticated teachers can create text messages using a mobile device connected to the Internet. Authenticated students can perform learning activities such as content downloading, group discussions, online quizzes and assignments in the mobile learning environment using their mobile devices.Statistical analysis of results during a campus-wide implementation of the system revealed students’ preference in studying with a group while using mobile technologies for academic activities.
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