Vaginal discharge: women’s health seeking behaviours and cultural practices


and Ilankoon, I.M.P.S. GPFCSEP. Vaginal discharge: women’s health seeking behaviours and cultural practices. International Journal of Current Research [Internet]. 2015;07(06):17473-17479.


Early detection of pathological vaginal discharge is important to prevent complications of underlying diseases which can severely compromise women's health, fertility and survival. A review of the published literature was performed to vaginal discharge databases using the search terms such as vaginal symptoms/ discharge, reproductive disorders, health seeking, self reproductive tract infections involving women aged 15 to 49 years and published in English between 1990 and 2014. The most commonly reported reproductive t Majority of women consider stress, body weakness, poor personal hygiene, body heat, eating hot foods and bad luck as causes for vaginal discharge. Women's lack of knowledge regarding the causes leads to inability in diff embarrassment, anxiety and shame related to disclosing vaginal discharge leads to use of variety of home remedies. different cultural practices make them delay in seeking medical advice for pathological vaginal discharge. effective health care towards prevention of consequences of untreated pathological vaginal discharge.

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