Welcome to my homepage. I am Dr. Jayantha Lanel, a  Senior Lecturer in Mathematics, University of Sri Jayewardenepura (USJ). I joined the Department of Mathematics at USJ in 2010. In addition, I am  an academic counselor for Mathematics  of Faculty of Applied Sciences. 

In the wide realm of mathematics, I have developed a special interest in numerical analysis, this is the area in which I have done some research work for my master degree at Sri Jayewardenapura University.

I completed my Ph.D. thesis titled Complex Root Isolation under the supervision of Professor Charles Cheng and graduated from the Oakland University  in Rochester, Michigan in 2009. In my thesis, for a  given square-free polynomial  p, compute exact number of zeros of p in a rectangle R when there is a zero of p on the boundary of R.

My core research interests lie in Computer Algebra (symbolic mathematics), a relatively young area of Mathematics that provides plenty of tools to many scientific areas, such as engineering and physics.

After completing my doctorate, I decided to expand my research interest by working on some problems in Graph Theory/Computational Discrete Mathematics one of the extensive and popular branch of mathematics, which has been applied to many problems in mathematics, computer science, and other scientific areas. At present, I am involving in many  graduate/undergraduate research in this field. 

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