Road accidents in Sri Lanka: Correlations of Psychological, Cultural and Geographical factors in Eastern Province


In present, the road accidents can be considered as one of the highly threatening causes of deaths. In Sri Lankan context fatal accidents are rising in considerable manner according to the statistics in year 2015, it is recorded 2801 deaths and 2590 fatal accidents in Sri Lanka. Government, Civil Societies and all the responsible parties in Sri Lanka have implemented various strategies to prevent accidents in addition enforcement of traffic laws. Even though there is no reduce accidents and it is reported majority of accidents are occurring in Eastern Province. The persuading factor of this study to identify whether there is some special reasons or courses are affecting for accidents in Eastern Province? If it is so what are they? How those factors are special or deference than other provinces or part in country? What are the preventive factors or strategies can be applied? In addressing the above, this study has done at Akkarepaththu police area where the accidents are occurring with higher rate in Ampara Driscrit in Easten province and sample were selected from two ways.  First, randomly selected 117 public, drivers, police officers, students and other communities in the area. Data were gathered through Questionnaires, interviews and Focus group discussions. At the second stage used Forum Theater activities specially did chain of street drama in congested city areas to focusing massage of road accidents.Through this drama research team had communicated and built an image among community about the accidents. And also used a questioners, focus group discussion with participants. Motor cycles and three wheelers have been the major causes of road accidents in the area with a percentage of 75% and 21% respectively. There is a strong connection with psychological, cultural and geographical factors with accidents and it appears through the factors: Women used to sitting by side owing to their cultural factors on the motor cycles, all most all are in Muslim community and they claim their ownership in geographical resources to their way, so that Muslim community act as disobediently with law enforcement, military attitudes and heroism are directly and indirectly affected for accidents in Eastern. In addition it is observed that the juveniles and young men do not hesitate to break the road rules in the area. Proper guidance and awareness with implementing law must be focused with this situation were seen as the suggested solutions for the road accidents in the area.