Electricity and Magnetism (A C Theory) (First Year/Second Year)

2006 - Present

This  course  unit  offered  by  the  department  of  physics  to  both  physical  science  students  as  well  as  biological  science students. This  covers the  fundamental  aspects  of  Theories  of  Alternating Current  such  as  Reactance, r.m.s  Voltages  and Currents,  Power Dissipation,  Phase shifts,  resonance  and  filters (frequency).

Basic  characteristics  of  Modern  Sound  Systems  also  introduced  at  this  level.

Course Contents :

*Resistors, Capacitors, Solenoids *Magnetic flux, Faraday’s Law, Electrical and Magnetic Energy *A.C. & D.C. Voltages and Currents *A.C. & D.C. power sources *R.M.S. Voltages and Currents *A Resistive Load (Average Power Waste) *A Capacitive Load (Phase shifts and Capacitive Reactance, average power waste) *An Inductive Load (Phase shifts and Inductive Reactance, average power waste)

*Phase and Amplitude relationships for A.C. Currents and Voltages *Phasor Diagrams *LRC Circuits *Total Energy of LRC Circuits *Frequency of oscillation *LC – Oscillation Circuits *Electro-Magnetic Oscillations *Phase Diagrams of Series and Parallel LRC Circuits *Total Impedance using Phasor Diagrams * Total Impedance of Series and Parallel LRC Circuits *Introducing Complex Numbers for LRC Circuit *Determining the Total Impedance using Complex Numbers (for Series LRC, Parallel LRC Circuits) *Resonance and Anti-resonance of LRC circuits *Power Factor *True power, Apparent Power and Reactive Power    *Minimizing the power waste *Filters (Low Pass Filter, High Pass Filter, Band Pass Filter and Band Stop Filter) *Two-way and Three-way Buffles *Modern sound systems ( THX, DOLBY DIGITAL, DTS )

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