Mathematics For Biology Students (First Year)

2002 - 2010

1 Basic Introduction Simple equation solving, sin/cos/tan formulas…
Series Simple series, exp(x), Log(1+x), Sin(x), Cos(x) and (1+p)^(n)…

2 Basic Concepts and formulas Permutations (nPr), Combinations (nCr)Binomial Theorem and some examples


3 Equation Solving 1st Order equations, 2nd order equationsQuadratic EquationsThe Quadratic equation of root a and b


4 Matrices What is matricesWhat is practical evidence of exist matricesSimple Matrices Operations and examples


5 Trigonometry Formulas Sin(A+B),…Formulas Sin(2A),…Formulas Sin(3A),…What is the important of above formulas and its applications


6 Trigonometry Equations Plot Sin(x), Cos(x) and tan(x)Introduce Sec(x), Cosec(x) and Cot(x)General Solutions ofSin(x) = k,… ectand their applications


7to10(04) Differentiation What is Differentiation and What is the important of DifferentiationDifferentiation conceptsFind the Differentiation using first Principle ConceptsDifferentiation FormulasTypes of Formulasand their applications


11 Partial derivatives What is Partial derivativesimportant of Partial derivativesand their examples and applications


12to14(03) Indefinite Integrals What is Integration and FormulaPractical Important of Integration and their examplesFormulas and Integration techniques


15&17 Definite Integrals What is Definite Integrals and their theoretical and Practical ApplicationsDouble Integrations, Area and Volume


18&20(03) Differential Equations What is Differential EquationsHow to work with itSolving Differential Equations and Boundary value problems


21&23(03) Vectors Introduction, Notation and DiagramsScalar products(Dot Products)Vector products (Cross Products)Introduce Vector Determination


24to26(03) Complex Numbers Introduce of Complex NumbersDefine Complex Numbers, Real part and Complex partBasic Operations of Complex NumbersAugend’s DiagramsExponential NotationsIntroduce Complex Numbers in Mathematical Solving Methods


27to30(04) Miscellaneous Topics Fourier Transforms and ApplicationsInverse Fourier Transforms and ApplicationsFourier Integral Theorem and ApplicationsLap lace Transforms and ApplicationsInverse Lap lace Transforms and ApplicationsDiscuss Practical Applications




  • Mathematical in Theoretical Physics – GRED BAUMANN
  • Vidyathmaka Cramaya ha Ganithaya – ASHOKA S. KARUNANDA
  • Pure Mathematics – M 426
  • Computational Physics – RUBIN H. LANDEU / MANUEL J. PAEL
  • Mathematics for Everyday Life – JACK PRICE / OLENE / MICHED / MIRIAM
  • Mathematical Methods in Physical Science – MARY L. BOAS
  • Advanced Pure Mathematics – R.G. MEADOWS / R. DELBOURGO
  • Foundation of Mathematical Care – TIM CROSS / JON MIDDLE / WILLIAM
  • Foundation of Mathematics – GRACE A. BUSH / JOHN E. YOUNG
  • Bio Mathematics – CEDRIC A.B. SMITH


This  course  unit  offered  by  the  department  of  physics  to  biological science students. This  covers  the  fundamental  aspects  of  Basic (Theoretical  and  Practical) Mathematics.