Properties of Matter (First Year)

2002 - Present

This  course unit  offered  by  the  department  of  physics  to  both  physical  science  students  as  well  as  biological  science  students. This  covers the  fundamental  aspects  of Structures  and  Phases  of  Matter  such  as  Solids,  Liquids,  Liquid  Crystals, Gases  and  Plasma  properties.

Some  engineering  applications  also  introduced  at  this  level (concrete  structures)

Course Contents :

 *Importance of Properties of matter *Matter, types of Quarks, Nature of Waves & Particles *Solids, Liquids, Gasses, Amorphous Solids *Plasma state *Plasma TVs and Its Technologies *Liquid Crystal State *Polarization and Polarizes *3-D films and Applications of Polarizers *Black & White LCDs *LCD TVs and Its Technologies *Difference between Plasma-TV and LCD-TV  *LED TV Technology

*Elasticity *Stress, Strain, Young’s Modulus *Hook’s Law *Bulk Strain *Bulk Modulus and Compressibility *Compressibility of a gases, Liquid and Solid *Angular Deformation and Modulus of Rigidity *Determining the Modulus of Rigidity *Cantilever *Load on beams and bending process *Concrete Structures and Reinforcing using Steal Rods

*Conductivity *Band Theory *Characteristics of Insulators, Conductors and Semi Conductors *P-type and N-type Semi Conductors *Super conductors, Critical Temperature and BCS theory *High Temperature Super Conductors and its Applications

*Surface Tension *Contact Angle and Surface Energy *Pressure difference formula (Soap Bubble and Liquid drop/Air Bubble) *Experiments for determining the Coefficient of Surface Tension *Vertically dipped Glass plate in a Liquid *Surface of liquid (water / Mercury) *Experiments for determining the Contact Angle *Capillary Inclination and Declination

*Viscosity *Coefficient of Viscosity *Critical Velocity of a flowing Liquid *Reynolds’s Number *Experiments for determining the Coefficient of Viscosity *Stroke’s Theorem *Terminal Velocity of a Solid Sphere in a liquid

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