Special Theory of Relativity (Second Year/Third Year)

2006 - Present

This  course unit  offered  by  the  department  of  physics  to  both  physical  science  students  as  well  as  biological  science students. This is also an optional course available for students who are not offering Physics as a subject in the applied science faculty.

This  course  covers the  fundamental  aspects  of  Relativity  such  that  Einstein’s  Special  theory  of  Relativity  and Introduction  to  Special  theory  of  Relativity  in  Western  and  Eastern  Philosophies.

Course Contents :

*Introduction to Philosophical Background of Science  *Discovery of the speed of Sound  *Discovery of the speed  of Light  *The Concept of the ‘Ether’  *Michelson – Morley Experiment

*Einstein’s Postulates *Measurement of ‘Time’ and its experimental background *Proper Time  *Measurement of ‘Length’ and its experimental background *Time Dilation and Length Contraction *Doppler’s Effect in Relativity

*The Energy Equivalence *Relativistic ‘Energy’  *Relativistic ‘Momentum’  *Einstein’s Relativistic Energy Equation  *Relativistic ‘Mass’  *Experimental background of the Relativistic Mass  *The Twin-Paradox

*Transformation Equations *Galilean Transformation Equations  *Lorentz Transformation Equations (Time Dilation and Length Contraction ) *Lorentz Inverse Transformations Equations  *Lorentz Invariants

*Four Vector Spaces  *Causality, Experimental evidence  *Causality in Eastern and Western Philosophy

* Brief Introduction to General Relativity

*** Also this course is an Optional Course available for students who are not offering Physics as a subject.


References :

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  14. අභිධර්ම මාර්ගය – පුජ්‍ය රේරුකානේ චන්ද්‍රවිමල හිමි
  15. අභිධර්මයේ මුලික කරුණු – පුජ්‍ය රේරුකානේ චන්ද්‍රවිමල හිමි
  16. අභිධර්ම සමුච්චය – පුජ්‍ය හේම්පිටිගෙදර ඥානසීහ හිමි
  17. සුත්‍රපිටකය (දීඝ නිකාය, මජ්ජිම නිකාය, සංයුක්ත නිකාය, අංගුත්තර නිකාය, ඛුද්දක නිකාය)
  18. සාපේක්ෂතාවාදය සරල බසින් – ප්‍රසන්න මධුරංග ප්‍රනාන්දු [Sarasavi Publishing]