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Prof. Paul Johannesson (Stockholm University/KTH) - This book provides many novel insights on the relationship between business models and process models, which help designers building IT systems and services that are well aligned with business. The text is clear and easy to follow combining practical cases and examples with theoretical rigor. --- Prof. Hans Weigand (Tilburg University) - Modern organizations in all sectors of industry, commerce and government are fundamentally dependent on their information systems and the way these systems interact with the systems of their partners. What this book clearly shows it that these interactions are governed by basic communication patterns. Highly relevant, both for IS theory and for design practice. --- Prof. Remigijus Gustas (Karlstad University) - Aligning the business process with information technology operations is a very difficult task in order to make both organizational and technical system parts more effective. This book of Prasad Jayaweera is addressing this problem by an interplay between two types of models that are used in system analysis and system design phases.
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