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Vegetative propagation of K. galanga Linn (Zingiberaceae) cannot fulfill the current demand for planting material and tissue culture offers an alternative means for mass propagation. Experiments were carried out on propagation of plants through direct organogenesis and comparison of larvicidal activity and phytochemicals present in rhizome of natural and tissue cultured plants in order to confirm the potential use of tissue cultured plants as an alternative to natural plants in commercial scale productions. In vitro shoot induction was optimized with rhizomee bud explants grown on MS medium supplemented with 2.0 mg/L Benzyl amino purine (BAP) and 0.5 mg/L IAA (Indole-3-acetic acid). MS medium supplement with 1.0 mg/L IAA and 0.2 mg/L Indol-3-butric acid (IBA) was identified as the best medium for root induction. Rooted plantlets were acclimatized successfully (100%) in a mixture of soil: sand: compost (1: 1: 1). Hexane found to be a better solvent for extraction of phytochemicals over methanol and the 50% hexane extract showed the highest larvicidal activity against the fourth instar larvae of A. aegypti. GC-MS analysis revealed the existence of the nine key compounds in both samples tested confirming the possibility of using tissue cultured plants as a substitute for natural plants in medicinal purposes.
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Present study was carried out to evaluate the effect of various dehydration techniques such as sun drying, solar drying, dryingafter freezing (Freeze for one hour followed by mechanical drying at 55°C), vacuum drying and drying using lab scale air oven onproximate composition and retention of antioxidants in different fruit powder prepared from Bael (Aegle marmelos) and Palmyra(Borassus flabellifer). Moisture content, Total Ash, Crude fiber %, Fat %, Crude protein %, total phenolic content,β –Caroteneand antioxidant activity were tested. The antioxidant activity was measured based on the ability of fruit extract to scavenge 1, 1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH). Among different drying treatments the highest fat percentage recorded by the solar driedpalmyra fruit powder and there is no significant difference (α= 0.05) between sun drying and vacuumed drying. Higherconcentration of β -Carotene and total phenolic content were recorded in vacuum dried samples both in bael and Palmyra fruitpowders and it significantly different (α= 0.05) from other treatments. The scavenging activity of bael fruit powder in vacuumdrying was ranged from 65.36% to 81.33% of the concentration 200 μg/ml to1000 μg/ml and the palmyra fruit powder wasrecorded 57.32% to 83.25% of the concentration 200 μg/ml to1000 μg/ml. Vacuum dried fruit powders of palmyra and bael weregiven highest radical scavenging activity and the scavenging activity of palmyra fruit powder is higher than the bael. Thereforevacuum drying can be recommended as the most effective drying method to protect chemical characteristics and retention ofantioxidant properties of fruit powders.
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