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Abstract: Detailed studies have been carried out on Kithul (Caryota urens) native and modified flour as twopre-gelatinized treatments (PGI and PGII), acid modified (AC) and dextrinized modification (DX) flourtreatments to compare gelatinization properties and amylose content. Among all treatments, PG-II (modifiedwith excess water at 75°C heat treatment) showed significant changes with higher gelatinizationtemperatures (TO = 74.02°C and TP = 80.51°C) and lower Conclusion temperature (TC = 90.04°C),gelatinization enthalpy (5.78 J/g) and amylose content (25.36). This study provides evidence that PGII is themost suitable modification treatment for native Kithul flour for introducing new flour source with an applicableform to meet specific needs with a view to effort expand application within the food industry.Key words: Kithul, (Caryota urens), modified flour, gelatinization properties, amylose content, hydrothermaltreatment
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