Name in full:                           Dr. Mrs. Aluthge Dona Sagarie De Silva (nee Gunasekera
Name with initials:                 Dr. Mrs. A.D. S. De Silva
Postal address:                      174/4, kesbewa Rd, Boralesgamuwa, Sri Lanka
Date of birth and age:           01. June.1972
Civil status:                            Married
Nationality:                            Sri Lankan
Religion                                  Buddhist
 Present occupation:             Medical officer, Medical centre,                                                            University of Sri Jayawardenepura, Sri Lanka


 Primary Education:    

Panadura Balika M.V 1978 to 1981
L’ecole La Rosiere, Seychelles 1981 to 1983   
L’ecole Port Glaud, Seychelles   1983 to 1985

University Education:

           University                                     From         To           Qualifications obtained
           University of Sri Jayawardenepura       1994        1999                   M.B.B.S

 Other Academic distinctions:

 1. First in the Island for Mathematics at National Examination, for Grade Six Students in the Republic of Seychelles in 1984
2. First in the Island in French Diploma Superior Examination conducted by  Alliance Francaise, Colombo, Sri Lanka – 1990.
 3. Represented Sri Lanka in Japan, at the Youth of Asia program in 1996, as the Most outstanding University Student.


1.    Athletic Captain, University of Sri Jayawardenepura 1996
2.    Third place in 400 metres women at the Inter University Games in 1996
3.    Junior Champion at the Fresher’s Sports Meet at the University in 1994
4. Gold medal in 400 metres under 17 women at the National Sports Festival in 1987 & 1988.  
5.    Island record holder at the 400 meters under 16 event since 1987

Member of Chess Team, University of Sri Jayawardenepura 1995 to 1997

First Runner-up at the Amateur Magician Contest of the Magic Circle in 1997

 Other extra-curricular activities
1. Represented Sri Lanka at the Miss World University Contest 1997 held in   Philippines and became the Second Runner-up
2. Represented Sri Lanka at the Youth of the World program in France in 1990    


I worked as a French teacher in Colombo International School, Sri Lanka, for one year.

Worked as House Officer in Panadura Base Hospital and completed the internship training under the supervision of Dr. R. L. Satharasinghe (MRCP) in clinical medicine and under the supervision of Dr. M. Zanoon (MRCS) in surgery (2000-2001).  I was involved in a clinical research with Dr. R. L. Satharasinghe and published a research paper at the annual sessions of Sri Lanka Medical Association in year 2001.

Worked as a senior house officer in Department of Health, Sri Lanka at Panadura base hospital 2001-2002.

Worked as a lecturer in University of Colombo, Department of Clinical Medicine, under Prof. Rezvi Sheriff (Professor of Medicine, University of Colombo) and Prof. David Warrel (Prof of Tropical Medicine, University of Oxford) in 2002-2003.  I was involved lecturing and researching on bio chemical analysis of toxins under Oxford Colombo University Collaboration.  Published research works in Sri Lanka Medical Association, annual sessions, ‘Bio-chemical and toxicological analysis of cobra venom – 2003.

Apart from the Lecturing and research work I was conducting the Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) clinic at Colombo National Hospital during this period.

Obtained General Medical Council (UK) registration to practice in the UK as a doctor in February 2004.

 I was a clinical observer under Dr. Ronald Mc. Walter, Consultant physician Nine-wells hospital, Dundee and trained in UK Medical Practices.

I was a clinical observer in the Accident and Emergency department of Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, under Dr. David Steadman, Consultant A&E and trained in Medical Emergencies.

I worked as a Senior House Officer in Perth Royal Infirmary, Accident and Emergency Department from 4 February 2002 to 03 August 2004. There I was  involved in handling all medical and surgical emergencies.

I worked as Senior House Officer (SHO) for a total period of 12 months in Wishaw General Hospital in Obstetrics and Gynecology department from 4th August 2004 to 3rd August 2005.  Wishaw General Hospital, Obstetrics and Gynecology department is the second largest Obs & Gyne department in Scotland.

Worked as Senior house officer Accident and Emergency at Monklands hospital Scotland for 1 year from Aug 2005 to Aug 2006.

After returning to Sri Lanka I joined the Univesity of Sri Jayawrdenepura as Medical Officer in University Medical Centre. The University Medical Centre caters to the University community, including the students, staff, and their families free of charge as the first contact and continuing care.  The care is co-ordinated for secondary care with Colombo South Teaching Hospital.  Health promotion is done for students and staff in order to maintain a healthy community.  The registry of the health centre maintains health records of all our registered patients. All students must be registered at the Medical centre. They are given a Medical form to be completed and submitted within 2 weeks of receiving their University registration number.

We provide inpatient facility for students and staff during the daytime (8:30a.m.- 4:00p.m). Out of hours an ambulance is available for sick students to be transferred to Colombo South Teaching hospital. Our primary care staff managed by the Chief Medical Officer, comprises of four doctors, 4 nurses, 3 pharmacists and one dental doctor.  In addition to the first contact care and continuing care, the health centre is responsible for the preventive care. The PHI department attached to the medical centre comprises of 2 PHIs and a support staff of 8 health workers.  The health centre offers counselling service carried out by 5 qualified  councellors. Presently I am the Doctor in Charge of the centre.

Professional Qualifications and Training

 1.    Obtained Sri Lanka Medical Council full registration as a doctor in year 2001. 
2.    Obtained Full Registration as a medical officer to practice in the UK, Medical Council (UK) in year 2004. 
3.    I have successfully completed the Advanced Life Support (ALS) training course and registered as an Advanced Life Support Officer in UK in 2004. 
I have successfully completed the Advanced Pediatrics Life Support (APLS) training course and registered as a Pediatric Life Support Officer in UK in 2004.
I made up my own G.P. roation covering Accident and Emergency and Gyn and Obs so I obtained Associate membership of RCGP (UK) 2006.  They asked me to do the next part of the training which was to work under a G.P as a G.P. registrar. However we returned the same year back to Sri Lanka to settle down as my husband completed his PhD and wanted to return.
Passed the MRCP (Int) and received the international membership of RCGP(UK). Member 60331. Presently I am an international member. 

Postgraduate Qualifications 

1.    Diploma in the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist, UK(DRCOG).2005 
2.    Diploma in the Faculty of Family Planning, UK (DFFP)2005 |
3.    Diploma in Family Medicine. University of Colombo 2009 
4.  Member of Royal College of General Practitioners (Int) 2008 


 I was involved in a research funded by the Anatomy department of the University of Sri Jayawardhanapura, Sri Lanka under the supervision of Dr. R. L. de Silva (PhD.) and presented a paper to the Sri Lanka Medical Association, annual sessions 1995 under the heading “ Variable Anatomy of Radial Nerve Supply to Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis, Extenso Carpi Radialis Longus and Supinator. 

I was involved in a research carried out by Dr. R. L. Satharasinghe(MRCP) in Panadura Base Hospital during my internship training period.  This research was published in the annual sessions of the Sri Lanka Medical Association in year 2001, under the heading " The value of simple exercise bicycle as a tool for testing exercise tolerance in  patients in a peripheral hospital” 

Participated at the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO)  Workshops, 1999 

I carried out a research to study the bio-chemical and toxicological behavior of snake venom of Sri Lankan Cobra (Naja naja naja) under the Oxford-Colombo research grant.  The results of this research was published under the heading ‘Bio-chemical and toxicological analysis of the venom of Sri Lankan Cobra (Naja naja naja), at the Sri Lankan Medical Association, annual sessions in 2003.

Did a research on Somaofrom Disorders among University students. It was selected for poster presentation at WONCA 2016. 


 I was born on 01 June 1972.  My father is a senior educationist in Sri Lanka and my mother is a senior teacher at Royal College, Sri Lanka.  I have one sister who is a graduate in Microbiology and one brother who did engineering at Brighton Unvrsity and is now settled in Sri Lanak. I am married to an Electrical Engineer who did his PhD at Heriott Watt University and is now working for Lanak Electricity Company as the head of Engineering. I have a Son and Daughter.

 As a child I got an immense exposure to the world due to my father’s frequent visits to other countries and especially due to our stay of four years from 1981 to 1985 in Seychelles.  There, I learnt both Creole language as well as French.  After our arrival to Sri Lanka in 1985, I continued my interest in French and won the first place in Sri Lanka for the French Diploma Superior Examination conducted by Alliance Francais.  I can speak and write French well.

 I was an outstanding athlete in my school as well as in Sri Lanka.  I won the gold medal in 400m under 16 women's event, breaking the island record in 1987.  I won the gold medal in the same event again setting a new island record in 1988, under 17 women’s event.  Still I hold the national record for the particular event in Sri Lanka.  I continued my interest in sports in the university, participating in inter-university games and became the athletics captain of my university in 1996.  In addition to my athletics I was a keen chess player and was a member of the university chess team in 1995, 1996 and 1997.

 My father is a good magician and I was also interested in this field.  I became the first runner-up in Amateur magician’s contest in 1997.  I participated in Miss Sri Lanka University contest and crowned as the Miss University Sri Lanka 1997.  I represented Sri Lanka at the Miss World University contest in Philippines and became the second runner-up in 1997.

During my career in school as well as in the university, I demonstrated leadership skills.  I was a senior student leader in my school.  I represented Sri Lanka at the Youth of World program in France in 1990.  Further I represented Sri Lanka in Japan, at the Youth of Asia program in 1996.

 During my university tenure as well as during the time of my practice as a doctor in Sri Lanka, I was very interested in research.  I presented the first ever research paper presented by a student at the Sri Lanka Medical Association, annual sessions in 1995.  I presented my second paper to the same sessions as a house officer in 2001.  I got the opportunity of carrying out a bio-chemical analysis of Sri Lankan cobra venom under the prestigious Oxford-Colombo collaboration and presented my third research paper to the same sessions in 2003. After returning to Sri Lanka from the U.K. I joined the Uiversity Medical centre as a G.P. I passed the MRCGP (Int) and also passed Diploma in Famiy Medicine conducted by University of Colombo. There I did a study on the Somatoform disorders among University students. It was selected for a poster presentation at WONCA 2016. Presntly I am still working at the University at the Umiversity Medical centre. We deal daily with students and staff coming with medical emergencies as well as those with physical illnesses.

I am a highly motivated person with sense of humor.  I am very interested in traveling and working with people.  I like to work in a very dynamic environment with work pressure. 


I can communicate well in French and Creole (Language of Seychelles). 
I am holding the national record for 400m athletic event for under seventeen women up to date.|
I am a good Chess player. 
I am a professional magician in Sri Lanka. 
I am very good in Microsoft office software such as MS Word, Excel and Power Point. 
I am good in research work and presentations. 


 1.   Dr. M. Watt
      Consultant, Accident and Emergency Department
      Monklands Hospital
      ML6 0JS
      North Lanarkshire
      Tel: +44 1236 748748 ext 2186
      Fax: +44 1236 713138

 2.   Dr. I. McLaren
      Consultant, Accident and Emergency Department
      Monklands Hospital
      ML6 0JS
      North Lanarkshire
      Tel: +44 1236 748748 ext 2186
      Fax:+44 1236 713138

3. Prof Sampath Amarathunga