Ven. Dr. Pinnawala Sangasumana is a senior lecturer in Geography attached to the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka. He is a First Class honours graduate in Geography from the same university and he was awarded the Sri Soratha Gold medal award for the highest percentage scores at Faculty of Arts, University of Jayewardenepura in 1997. At the first step of his graduate studies, he got a Masters degree for his intensive research on patterns and processes of protracted internal displacement because of the armed conflict in Sri Lanka.  Then he was awarded a PhD degree for his qualitative study on conceptualizing conflict-induced internal displacement in Sri Lanka undertaken within the Sida/SAREC Research Cooperation Project between the University of Sri Jayewardenepura and the Uppsala University, Sweden. His PhD research has attempted to apply the Buddhist concept of Mandala in formulation of an appropriate framework for addressing the state of inbetweenness experienced by the conflict-induced displaced in Sri Lanka. His research interest in conflict and displacement derives from his longtime experience in teaching and research in Human Geography. As a Buddhist monk as well as a geographer, he is keen to apply Buddhist concepts into the behavioral spaces determined by conflict and vulnerable situations. In addition, he is coordinating some relief and charity programmes directed at the marginalized population of the country. He already has several publications in edited volumes and conference proceedings.