Lack of Women Participation Impact on Gender Equality in Political Representation in Local Government Institutions in Sri Lanka




The main purpose of this paper is to explore the nature of the women participation in local political institutions impact on gender equality in democratic governance.  Gender equality is one of the most important concepts in term “Modern Democracy”. It has strengthen and sharping the pluralistic democracy which is a significant theoretical and practical concept in practical politics in a given society. As a democratic country, Sri Lanka has been adopted Women as a special social segment which have been giving significant contributions for the social, economic and political development in Sri Lankan society. Local government institutions is core stone of the country democracy as well as governing process. It is largely responsible for the socio, economic and democratic development of the country as a whole. Since independence, there are many democratic protections and legal provisions as well as social and intellectual debates have been raised on enhancement of woman participation in local government sector in Sri Lanka in term enhancement gender equality in political participation in local democracy. Yet, it has not realized due to loosing opportunities with regard faire participation in active representation in local politics why? I have been used both qualitative as well as quantitative approaches for the gathering data and information. It is a timely needed investigation of political participation of women in local democracy and governance in Sri Lanka. Further, it is significantly important viewpoints of this research for the policy perspective as well as academic aspect. Final outcome of this research is extremely important for further research who desire to continue research activities on women and political participation in Sri Lanka.

Key Words: Women Representation, Gender Equality, Democratic Governance, Local government