Mechanics (First Year)

2002 - Present

This  course unit  offered  by  the  department  of  physics  to  both  physical  science  students  as  well  as  biological  science students. This  covers the  fundamental  aspects  of  Mechanics  such  as  Newton’s  Laws,  Linear  Motion,  Angular  Motion, Gravitational  Concepts, Kepler’s  &  Bode’s  Laws  and  Fluid Dynamics.

Lagrangian  Dynamics  also  introduced  at  this  level.

Course Contents :

 *Importance of Mechanics *Scalars, Vectors, Tensors and Mass & Weight *Linear Motion   *Relative Velocity *Newton’s laws (concept of Force, Momentum, Inertial and Gravitational Mass, Inertial Frame) *Difference between Newtonian Mechanics and Quantum Mechanics *Zero Gravity *Lagrangian Dynamics *Rotational or Circular Motion * CENTRIPETAL acceleration and CENTRIPETAL force *Horizontal Circular Motion and Vertical Circular Motion. *Moment of Inertia *Radius of Gyration *Kinetic Energy of a Rolling Body *Newton’s Gravitational Law *Gravitational acceleration of a planet *Sun (proto star), Red Giants / Brown Dwarfs, White Dwarfs, Black Holes and Supernova Explosions *Angular Momentum *The law of conservation of Angular Momentum *Kepler’s laws *Astronomical Unit and the Planetary System *Bode’s law for Planets  *Brief introduction to Astrology *Earth’s Satellite Systems *Gravitational Potential *Escape Velocity *Energy equation of a planet *Launching of Satellites *Fluid Statics (Pressure, Up thrust, Archimedes’s law and floatation) *Fluid Dynamics *Fluid Flow (Stream line flow, Steady flow, Incompressible and Non-viscous fluids) *Bernoulli’s Principle *Equation of Continuity *Applications of Bernoulli’s Principle

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